Leaving the Corn Behind…

… is about enjoying, learning, teaching, growing, sharing, and loving.
In all that life has to offer.

Our days are precious. And I believe that these elements are in everything we do. We often unintentionally do them, but they still happen. And unfortunately, we often neglect giving them the acknowledgement that they deserve.

And so it goes. I want to document all of my crazy antics, nonsense, and fun times that will inevitably lead to learning, teaching, growing, sharing and loving. I’m even likely to throw some tidbits in here about the people in my life that are a part of all these things.

As for me….

I’m Jennifer, or Jen, or Jenn, Niff, Meister, Brat or whatever you want to call me, as long as you aren’t calling me late to dinner. (please note: you’ll want to get used to the hillbilly-ish sayings I throw out once in a while.)

I am the creator and writer of Leaving the Corn Behind, and welcome to my life!

I’m a thirty-something small town girl who’s just trying to get it all figured out. I grew up in the Panhandle of Nebraska, and lived there my entire life until…..

One day I up and moved, on–a–whim, to New York City.
With no job confirmed.
With no house to live in.
With no money.


1. That could have ended badly,

2. Yes, that was ballsy. Yes, that was equally stupid.

3. That could be the end of the story if I wasn’t such a Chatty Kathy.  Lucky for both of us that I am, or neither of us would have anything to kill our work day with, right??

I hope you’ll stick around a while to enjoy all the crazy ups and downs as well as the mundane details of a rambling redhead.  This Life, sure has come with it’s fair share of bumps and bruises. I suppose that all of them do, so hopefully we can take a good attitude and laugh at it all. If you’re gonna retell any experience to others and laugh about it…you might as well laugh as its happening!

And so it goes. I suggest starting, at well, the start, but if that isn’t your cup of tea, God bless you, I like those that don’t follow direction well.

Please take a gander through the notes I’ve taken and see if there isn’t something that you can enjoy, learn, teach, grow, share or love.


If you still can’t quite find what you are looking for, need more or simply just want to give me a real hi, then by all means…

1. Find me on Facebook

2. Email me at pamperedjennifer at gmail

Til next time, Love & Peace.


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