Are you a better person today than you were yesterday?

Maybe. I am not sure that I am a better person, but I am most certainly in a better place mentally and physically.

Life is not easy. Simply put it’s a struggle each day, no matter your situation. Some of us have difficulty putting our shoes on in the morning, some of us don’t have enough money to buy food and some of us are just not getting what we expected from life. Life is just one series of expectations meeting perceptions. Or possibly not. And for all the advice we get in life about how to better live that life, I think my best advice came from a lesson learned in a marketing services class in college. Expectations versus perceptions. They are different for each of us. Some people expect to go into a store and be treated well, and yet others go into that same store expecting to be treated poorly. For what ever reason these two people have different expectations of the same situation. One person may have been told what to expect, or maybe what they observed first hand contributed. There are a million circumstances that contributed to this, but in the end, it’s really their internal viewfinder that defines this. They choose to have the view they have. We of course have to account matters of abuse, coersion and force aren’t being used, but that is an entirely different matter. They are making a choice, conscious or otherwise, they are making choice.

I think the life lesson of sour lemons is a perfect example of this. Life isn’t about how ripe the lemons are, but it truly is about what you do with them.
So cliche, so true.

Being able to control those expectations and be realistic about the perceptions afterward is key to getting through the tough spots.
Not to mention enjoying the good spots. But that’s yet another conversation.

Creating the most narrow gap between expectations and perceptions. Everything in moderation, as they say. Being realistic about a middle ground is essential in making it work day in and day out. There are going to be situations when things don’t work out as you had expected. But that’s normal. It happens to us all, and in the end, it’s not what happens around you, but how you contributed to the situation. Or possibly how you didn’t. Expecting the worse in everything isn’t healthy, productive or rewarding. It’s rather draining, an endless cycle and annoying by those around you. Being the ever optimist has it’s down sides as well. It’s a version of setting up failure, disappointment and at times can just be delusional. there is a place, somewhere in the middle between these two views that finds it much easier to have a better alignment to the perceptions you have of the situation after the fact.

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