The Beach Boys and John Stamos
Aster Levy Park, Coney Island NY

What a beautiful night of more summer fun.

This is my fourth summer of NYC fun.
And I think it’s this, that keeps me around just one more day. ;)

What’s better than a night with an amazing boyfriend, great friends (including an obnoxious ex-boyfriend), great music, great weather and John Stamos being a Beach Boy for the night.

We had a great night chillin’ in the park and oohing and awwing over the fiine Mr. Stamos. I actually think it was more fun to ohhh and awww for just the annoy the boys factor than for any other reason, but all in all a great night. I was minus the midget and the blonde, but it was still fun.

How can free live music in the park ever ~not~ be fun?
I just don’t think that is possible.

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