Analogy is a cognitive process of transferring information from a particular subject (the analogue or source) to another particular subject (the target), and a linguistic expression corresponding to such a process. ~

I’m a queen of analogies. I use them about every other thought in my head it seems.
Most of the time, I don’t even realize what I’m doing.

“It’s like…” I’m pretty certain I can predict that those will be my dying last words. I wish I knew why I do it, or why that habit was formed, or for that matter, when it started. But I don’t . I just know that it’s my thing.

When I teach classes, my students seem to light up at them. They seem to actually understand. And being one who is known for over-analyzing each word I choose to use, it seems an easy way to communicate some of my must confusing thoughts.

And so I do it again in recent time. Just this morning actually. I have a friend, Maria, whom has come to realize that she and I are in very very similar life situations right now. And this is where the analogy of the day comes in.

“It’s like a baby’s lullaby mobile”

Maria came up with it. I’ve been using a cobweb, more because it seems as sticky and gross of a situation as any other right now, but I think she’s right. It’s more of a mobile.

You know the kind. Where toys hang on fine wires, whirling around with soft movements and soothing sounds?

My life is like a mobile. It’s delicate right now. It’s as though I’m doing everything I can to keep the mobile in a fine, quiet balance. But I know that it needs to move in order to soothe the soul.

But how is that done?

How do you ensure that the mobile will start smoothly, and soothe, rather than startle?
How do I know that changing situations will be a good thing, rather than worlds biggest mistake?

All in due time, I tell myself. All in due time. I’ve always been a firm believer in it.

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